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    Dakota Roots helps out-of-state job seekers find career opportunities and new homes in South Dakota. The service is 100% free and backed by the South Dakota Department of Labor & Regulation.

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    Taking your next step is easy with a dedicated career coach in your corner.

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    Know somebody who’s considering a move to South Dakota? Let Dakota Roots help! Refer a friend or family member to share the great places of South Dakota with great faces you know.

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What Does Dakota Roots Do?

Dakota Roots helps connect people with real South Dakota communities and opportunities. Our Job Advisors use your experience and skills to match you with the lifestyle you're looking for. Our services are 100% free of charge. Don't wait. Find the life you've been waiting for today.

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Why South Dakota

Why South Dakota?

What we have in natural beauty and opportunities, we lack in taxes. Find out more about what makes South Dakota a great place to grow.

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Helping people find a better quality of life - that's our passion. Read these testaments of people who found what they were looking for with Dakota Roots.

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It's more than finding a job - it's about finding the career that fits. And with South Dakota's rising business economy, it's easier than you might think.

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