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For five years, Kara has helped job seekers find a fit for them in southwest South Dakota. As a Dakota Roots Job Advisor, she handles around 100 individuals at any time – but she’s always willing to help one more.

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What benefits does Dakota Roots provide job seekers?

You’ll be working with someone who knows the area and is familiar with local employers. We may have additional insight on businesses, giving you leg up on finding the perfect position.

Do Job Advisors only work with certain industries?

Not necessarily. We’re able to help job seekers in all industries from entry level to executive positions. It just depends on what each person is looking for.

Of all the people you've helped, which story has stuck with you?

One that will stick with me was a young lady from North Dakota. She was interested in moving, but was worried she wouldn’t be able to find a position she was satisfied with to replace her current job. After a couple months of commitment to the application process she landed a career in the court system. I was extremely pleased to see that both of our work had paid off.

What’s the best part of being a Dakota Roots Job Advisor?

Meeting people from all over the country. It’s very rewarding when you’re able to help someone relocate and find them a position they’re excited about – especially when they’re moving to a state that we’re all passionate about.

If someone is considering a move several months from now, should they still join Dakota Roots?

Absolutely – it’s important to start your search early and to become familiar with the job database. Being proactive will help you in planning the future

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