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Greg has been with our program since day one, and prides himself on helping hundreds of people find a new career and a new life in South Dakota. Get to know Greg and let him help you find your right opportunity.

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What does a Job Advisor do?

We endeavor to connect job seekers to great South Dakota employers who have career opportunities that they qualify for. This involves clarifying what their qualifications are, what job goals they have and then referring them to employers that match up!

What benefits does Dakota Roots provide job seekers?

We know employers and can offer candid conversation to guide the job seeker to career opportunities that match their goals. I feel we save job seekers lots of time by quickly and straightforwardly answering their questions.

What can people expect when they join Dakota Roots?

We are committed to staying in touch with each person that registers and offering up real job opportunities for their consideration.

How much or little contact can they have with their Job Advisor?

Our rule of thumb is to let the job seeker drive the level of service. This means keeping respect for what they want to have happen always as our first priority. Some job seekers never respond to our communications, some communicate a lot. Email works great for these ongoing conversations, but some like to talk on the phone.

What’s the most important thing for someone who joins Dakota Roots to do?

When registering online, job seekers tend to not offer a lot of detail. Make sure you share your resume with us – we can only deliver job openings that match your qualifications and interests if you share all of your experience.

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