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Meet Carla. As a Dakota Roots Job Advisor, she’s here to help you find a fit in South Dakota – when it comes to where you live and where you work. Whether you’re ready to make a move or just starting out, she and the rest of the Dakota Roots team are waiting to get to work.

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What does a Job Advisor do?

As a Job Advisor, it is my responsibility to assist clients with their job searching, resumes, cover letters, and anything else that I can help them with. This sometimes includes providing information on housing and schools. I am also there to listen. When a client gets frustrated or is having trouble understanding a hiring process, I am there to help them through that.

What benefits does Dakota Roots provide job seekers?

By using Dakota Roots, you are tapping into a pipeline of valuable resources. We have contacts with different businesses, but we also have coworkers that we can reach out to that have contacts with even more employers. Sometimes it takes this inside information to get a person’s application or resume looked at. We can also find different ways that an employer will accept applications. For example, if the job description states to apply in person, we can contact the employer to explain the situation and maybe they will say to send a resume.

How much or little contact can they have with their Job Advisor?

The amount of contact they have with us is totally up to them. Some people do not want a lot of contact, if any, and all they have to do is let us know and we will limit or stop all contact depending on a client’s preference.

What’s the most important thing for someone who joins Dakota Roots to do?

The more information that we have about a person, the better we can assist them in finding employment in South Dakota. Having their profile, desired employment, work experience, schooling and anticipated wages is a great help. This gives us something to build upon. Once we have this fundamental information, we can start looking and expand to include other possible careers that may match their skills.

If someone is considering a move several months from now, should they still join Dakota Roots?

Definitely. We may not have as much contact at first, but once it gets to be within a couple of months of moving, then we get down to the nitty gritty and really help you apply for a job. Also, we may know of a position that will be opening up in the future that you are perfect for. We can then get a head start on getting your application, resume and cover letter to the hiring authority to get you a jump-start on the hiring process.

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